And it all started with one furry friend...

And it all started with

one furry friend...

Back in the day we used to admire these beautiful dogs with a thought, that one day it would be great to have a furry friend like that. We didn’t expect that once our dream Pomeranian – Idmon joins our family, our whole life would change. 

That’s how Idmon’s Golden Kingdom came to life, a breeding that was created from our love and passion for this breed. Our dogs are surrounded with love and care. We’re committed to keeping and promoting this cute breed. Key elements of our IGK Family are making sure that our furry friends lead a healthy, quality lifestyle and responsibly picking future owners. 

Welcome to Idmon's Golden Kingdom

Welcome to
Idmon's Golden Kingdom

– Pomeranian breeding, where dreams about having the perfect dog come true.

as a small family breeder of high quality pomeranians we value


If you have more questions visit the FAQ section.

If you have more questions visit the FAQ section.

Please check out our available puppies here and/or join our wating list by filling out the application. For more details check our application process here.
Yes, we ship puppies worldwide. We can help with finding a carer to travel with your puppy to ensure its safety throughout the journey.
Depending on the requirements waiting time can vary. Our waitinglist is approximately 6 months, however requiring more specific puppy characteristics can extend the waiting time. We promise, our puppies are worth the wait! If you’re applying for a dog from ‘Available Puppies’ section, these puppies are ready for reservation or to change home. In that case, the waiting time is shorter.
The price of a puppy is dependent on who the parents are, whether a puppy is a dog show material or not. Our dogs are real miniature Pomeranians and the price reflects the amount of work and time needed to correctly bring up a puppy and teach him basic behaviour while ensuring its safety. We provide our puppies with all necessary vaccinations, health care and we raise them using the highest quality products (food, supplements, shampoos and other care products.

Yes! Idmon’s Golden Kingdom is a registered FCI and ZKWP breeder. You can check both the FCI and ZKWP registrars and see we are registered within these organisations.

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